Saturday, March 23, 2013

Earn Cash and Prizes with Swagbucks

What is Swagbucks?
Swagbucks is an online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise.
Swagbucks has to be one of my FAVORITE ways to earn “FREE” gift cards toward places like AmazonTargetOverstock, and more. By simply searching the web (as I would already do) I am rewarded with Swag Bucks to put toward items I want.

What Is It?

First, it is EASY and FREE to join Swagbucks. Consider it like a “frequent flyer” program for surfing the web. With components like email, FacebookTwitter, and more, most of us tend to be on the internet at some point in the day. The easiest place to run is to find URL or links to places we need to go. Instead I use to earn Swag Bucks. Note: When you join, you get 30 instant Swag Bucks.

What Can you “Win?”
When you accumulate enough Swag Bucks, there are endless things for which to trade in your bucks. Everything from sports memorabilia, to kids toys, jewelry, and my favorite $5 Amazon Gift Cards (450 Swag Bucks). This offsets my online shopping at my favorite site – Amazon!
With the concept Search, Earn, Redeem – it really doesn’t cost you anything extra to get FREE stuff while searching the web (you were doing that anyways.)
Head over to Swagbucks for a look!

How Do I Earn Swag Bucks?
First, you have to sign up. You can use the text links or click on the pictures shown above. After signing up, I would recommend downloading the Swagbucks toolbar, this way you will be able to conduct searches through Swagbucks, and be informed of any swag codes released. You will be able to keep track of your swag bucks' tally without having to log on the swagbucks website. You also receive swagbucks for just downloading the toolbar! It only takes a bit of space on your desktop, and I have not had any issue with bugs or viruses. The Swagbucks site seems very secure, they recently caught a hacker and removed them from the system.
Then, begin searching. You will be awarded swagbucks randomly for authentic searches. I would not recommend simply searching like crazy to try and trick the Swagbucks system. It rarely, (if ever) works and your account will be deleted. Rather, use Swagbucks as you would any other website, and you will begin racking up virtual currency before you know it! Here are some other ways to earn swag bucks:
Swagbucks' Trusted Surveys
Another way to earn swag bucks is through their new Trusted Surveys feature. You'll earn enough for a gift card just by filling out the profiles alone practically. Then, you will be matched with surveys which can yield several hundred swag bucks at a time. They are awfully boring but it's worth it when you realize your account balance is growing!
Swagbucks Special Offers and Shopping Online
You can earn additional Swagbucks by completing offers or shopping online through the Swagbucks website. These offers credit swag bucks when you complete them -- and often cost money. There are some free offers which typically offer low swag bucks. I would recommend checking the offers when you are looking for a service to see whether Swag Bucks has partnered with the particular company. For example, they are offering nearly 10,000 swag bucks for signing up with Direct TV. That's enough to get about $100 in Amazon Gift Cards, which would be an excellent incentive if you are already going to sign up with Direct TV. There is also a similar Netflix offer.
One of the best ways to earn money and prizes online with Swagbucks is through their referral program. When your friends sign up under your referral link, they earn swagbucks every time you do (up to 1000 swagbucks). You can see where this can add up if you gain a lot of referrals! Like I mentioned before, the person who refers you to Swagbucks has NO access to your account, your swagbucks, or your search information. The only piece of information I can see relating to the people who have signed up under my Swagbucks referral link is how many swag bucks I've earned under them. This is simply so the system can keep an accurate tally.
I would not recommend spamming your referral link to people or places who have absolutely no interest in becoming part of Swagbucks. Not only is that bad form, but you will get removed from the Swagbucks website if there are complaints lodged against your referral link.
How Much Can I Make With Swagbucks?
I personally opt for the Amazon Gift Cards when I redeem my swagbucks. You can earn cash, but for example: A $5 Amazon Gift Card will cost you only 450 swagbucks, whereas $5 in cash through Paypal will cost double. I can personally attest that Swagbucks DOES pay, and I have the Amazon Gift Cards to prove it! The downside is they only pay out on the 1st and 17th of each month, but you can earn swagbucks and purchase prizes in the Swag Store and enter Swag Stakes in the interim.
As far as how much money you can make, truthfully, the sky's the limit -- but realistically, think pocket money. I am stockpiling Amazon Gift Cards to use during the holidays. I imagine by Christmas I will have a couple hundred dollars which will come in very handy. It certainly isn't a website I would count on to pay my bills, but it can definitely help supplement holiday shopping, help with back-to-school shopping, and provide you with anywhere from $5 to $50-$75 a month in extra spending money depending on how much time and energy you put into it and how many referrals you get.
Glossary The website where you can earn money, gift cards, and prizes by searching the internet, completing surveys, shopping online, completing offers, and referring friends.
Swaggernauts: The affectionate term The Swag Guy and The Swag Gal call people who use Swag Bucks.
The Swag Guy and The Swag Gal (TSG): Consider them your friendly Swagbucks hosts! They post the updates on the Swag Bucks Facebook page, in the blog, and in your 'inbox' on the toolbar.
Swag Codes: These are special 'codes' that appear in your Swag Bucks' toolbar inbox, on the blog, or hidden with clues on the Facebook page that when entered into the swag code box on the home page, will get you extra swag bucks.
Swag: This can either refer to the merchandise, gift cards, or money you have received through The Swag Store, or as a slang term for the digital dollar (swag bucks) in general.
Tuesday Phrase That Pays (TPTP): If you 'follow' Swag Bucks on Twitter, you will be rewarded with a large sum of swagbucks for 'tweeting' about Swagbucks by using the phrase TSG gives their followers every Tuesday (if yours is chosen).

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